Eating an Apple

Eating an Apple When's the last time you saw a very busty woman eating an apple topless? You'll see a little fruit and my big tits in this video :)


I find some apple trees and decide to have a snack. Want to see how many apples fit under my boobs? This is a fun video :)

Sex with Booze

I'm having a little drink, and I decide it would be fun to see where else I can fit those bottles...


I take a shower on camera. Plenty of soap and lather all over my body and on my great big boobs. Some interesting closeups, too ;)

Workout topless

I'm outdoors today doing my workout. My boobs bounce with every move and I take off a little more for each exercise.

Fun on the Couch

I'm wearing an extra sexy mesh outfit, and after playing with my boobs, I let my camera man fuck me with a gold sex toy

My Boobs Outdoors

I love the feeling of being outside and totally natural. I'm bouncing up and down - and so are my boobs


It was this boy's lucky day, I decided to show him, what the real big boobs and the roundest butts means. After he will touch every inch of my bouncing treasures, he will take off my shirt and bra to eat them and play amazing naughty!

Crazy Sex - part1 "Blowjob"

I love sex, and in this video I give a blowjob...

Lick Me

His guy was so hungry of my pussy that he almost forgot to take off my nylons and panties to lick me well! Fortunately he finally found the way to my juicy hole and licked and fingered me very carefully...


At last someone gave me nice fucking! Prepare to see y huge boobies bounce all over the room when I'm getting it in doggy-style! Despite this, I'll get it in classic way and finally in inverted cow-girl position.

Crazy Sex - part1 "Blowjob"

I love sex, and in this video I give a blowjob...

Crazy Sex - part2 - Fucking

I love sex, and in this video I give a blowjob and then get fucked like crazy! After some tit fucking, I have a great orgasm. I also get a face full of hot cum.

Boobs in Bondage

I'm tying up my boobs in belts. It makes them stick out better, and feels good. You'll see what else I can do this way ;)

Donna Goes Wading II

Here I am in tight pink shorts and top that show all my curves. I get them all wet so if you'd like to see my big tits you'll love this video